We help you love your life.

We are a clinic driven by client results. When you're ready to take the first step towards a better life, we offer effective therapy options with supportive therapists.

We track client results.
By doing so, it allows us to refer you only to therapists that are proven effective.

Julian Da Cambra

CLINIC DIRECTOR | Private Practice since 2022

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

M.A. Counselling Psychology - Yorkville University

B.A. Psychology - Guelph University

“As someone who attended therapy myself, I saw firsthand the difference between therapists that are goal-oriented, and those who aren’t. Client results are the #1 priority at our clinic.”

Julian knows what it's like to battle with mental health issues. He struggled with anxiety, depression, self-esteem and addiction issues. Attending therapy was a life changing experience for him, as he saw the power of what solution-focused therapists can do.

Since then, Julian's dream has been to create a clinic where each therapist is:
1. Specialized
2. Driven by results
Julian believes that if you have anxiety (for example), the highest chance of success for you is if you are working with an anxiety specialist.

The result, is SolutionFirst Therapy. Each therapist has been chosen to work with our clients based on their experience and specialization. If a therapist's clients' results are not up to standard, we do not refer them new clients.
The therapist you work with, has proven to us that they can provide client results.

Why SolutionFirst Therapy?


All of our therapists are specialized. This means that you will work with a therapist that is a specialist in your area of concern.


Our therapists are driven by results. We track the results of clients to ensure the therapists on our team are eager to help you improve.


We don't just focus on the issue - we consider your whole life. Relationships, family, career - they all matter. Our holistic approach empowers you for a lasting change.

Invest in your wellbeing through specialized, results-driven care. You will work with a therapist that is specialized in your area of concern. We're not just about temporary fixes; our goal is to deliver enduring results. We care deeply about your progress, and your success is our utmost priority.