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SolutionFirst Therapy is a team of registered psychotherapists, each with unique specializations. We will match you with a therapist who has specific expertise in your area of concern. Our therapists are solution-focused, driven by results, and we continuously evaluate and monitor their performance to provide the most effective care possible.

Feeling anxious, overwelmed or overthinking?

Stuck in negative thought patterns?

Suffering from low self-esteem?

Struggling with trauma?

Need help with your relationship?

Unsure about your overall purpose or life’s meaning?

Struggling with controlling anger?

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At SolutionFirst, we recognize that every individual is unique, and a blanket approach to therapy simply won't cut it. That's why we've assembled a team of specialized therapists, with the belief that a tailored approach will increase your likelihood of success. We employ a range of evidence-based techniques to empower you to find the solution that fits you best. Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you to the right solution, tailored to your unique needs, with the ultimate aim of unlocking your full potential and enabling you to live life to the fullest.

The Process

We Start with Your Goals and Develop a Plan

This ensures that we understand and can work towards your desired outcomes. We aim for our time to be used effectively, maximizing your investment and moving you forward in a timely manner.

Book a Complimentary Session

We always suggest finding a therapist that works for you (even outside of our clinic!). This is because the therapeutic relationship is important for success.

Define Your Goals

The first step of the process is about definition. Not sure? That’s quite alright. This step gives us an objective to aim towards. It keeps everyone on track.

Let’s Work Together

By working together, it can improve our ability to maximize results, and make sure we’re not overwhelming you in the process. In this way, therapy can be pleasant, productive and rewarding.

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