Self-Esteem & Confidence Course

The Self-Esteem & Confidence course is aimed at helping you improve undesired thought patterns and negative self-evaluations using science-backed therapeutic methods.

9-module course utilizing science-backed Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

Videos and worksheets designed to help guide you from start-to-finish

Created by licensed psychotherapists - Work at your own pace

Our Guarantee

Comprehensive guide aiming to help you understand, challenge and develop healthy self-esteem and confidence

The self-esteem course is not about portraying confidence or self-esteem. (We’re not teaching you to “fake” it). The course is designed to dig deeper into your current psychological functioning. We want to find the root of the issue, and replace it with a more effective solution.

Our goal is to help you feel more confident and to have healthy self-esteem.

The course aims to help you understand (and update) the negative core beliefs and thought patterns that are causing undesirable emotions and behaviours. Then, we provide an action plan aimed at creating more effective thought patterns and core beliefs, with the intent to develop a healthy self-esteem.

If within the first 30 days you feel the course is not for you, we offer a full refund.

Do any of these describe you?

  • Negative view of yourself
  • Self-critical or “hard” on yourself
  • Dissatisfied or unhappy with yourself
  • Lacks confidence

Have you ever felt any of the above? Have you ever felt that you aren’t good enough, that you’re flawed, weak, stupid, worthless, unattractive, unlovable or a failure? If you find that you are using these terms regularly to evaluate yourself, it is a potential sign of low self-esteem.

People with low self-esteem usually have deep-seated negative beliefs about themselves. These beliefs are perceived as factual, and can become part of your identity. Therefore, you behave in ways that satisfy those beliefs, which can result in avoidance, escapism, substance use, etc.

Self-Esteem and Confidence Course

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Module 1: Understanding Self-Esteem

Understanding self-esteem will help you develop a more robust understanding of what it entails and how it can affect multiple areas of your life.

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Module 2: How Low Self-Esteem Develops

Low self-esteem tends to develop initially with early negative life experiences. We tend to develop rules for living that protect us from facing the pain we felt form those early life experiences.

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Module 3: How Low Self-Esteem is Maintained

By maintaining unhelpful rules and assumptions, we develop a thought pattern that protects us from facing our self-esteem. However, this usually involves anxiety, avoidance etc.

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Module 4: Biased Expectations

This module dissects our fear of what we expect to happen. As low self-esteem often causes anxiety, (fear of conflict, social interaction, avoidance) this module helps reduce the negative emotions around those fears.

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Module 5: Negative Self-Evaluations

Low self-esteem often means we evaluate ourselves negatively. We may describe ourselves in negative ways or not believe in our own abilities. This module aims to alter those thought patterns to be more effective and beneficial.

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Module 6: Accepting Yourself

There is a high chance that you have many positive qualities. However, it may be difficult to believe those traits, to accept them, or to appreciate them.

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Module 7: Adjusting Rules & Assumptions

This module revisits the rules and assumptions we discovered in module 2. Here we begin to alter them to be more accurate and beneficial.

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Module 8: Developing Balanced Core Beliefs

Negative core beliefs are at the centre of low self-esteem. Here we identify the negative core beliefs that are holding you back and aim to adjust them accordingly.

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Module 9: Healthy Self-Esteem

It’s time to put everything you’ve done together. This module discusses how to maintain healthy self-esteem, and how to minimize potential setbacks.

Your Instructor

Name: Julian Da Cambra

From: Toronto, Canada

Profession: Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

Education: Master’s of Arts in Counselling Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology (2013)

Business Experience: Sales and Marketing Manager (2012-2020), AMR Group, Motorola Canada

HobbiesGuitar, Psychology, Hockey and Shark Tank (Yes the TV show)

Favourite Food: Pork Porcini Parmesan Pasta (Thanks Jamie Oliver)

Sports Team: Toronto Maple Leafs (ugh) and Buffalo Bills

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Price: $175 USD

What’s included:

  • On-demand video walk-through of all 9 modules
  • Worksheets (fillable online and print) including demonstrations
  • Payment gives access to ALL courses we offer
  • Weekly group Zoom calls with your instructor (TBA)
  • Ability to book one-on-one with instructor
  • 30-day money back guarantee

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