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Embark on a journey to self-discovery and emotional mastery with Kim Whalen, a psychotherapist who brings over two decades of coaching and corporate wisdom to her practice. Whether you’re a student navigating the pressures of academia, a young professional in the corporate world, or simply someone seeking to understand and regulate your emotional life, Kim is here to guide you with expertise and empathy.

Introducing Kim Whalen

Kim is dedicated to working with a diverse clientele, employing a unique blend of DBT, narrative therapy, and a Polyvagal approach to tap into the deep-seated roots of anxiety, anger, and emotional challenges. Her multifaceted background, including significant experience in business and corporate coaching, enriches her therapeutic approach, allowing her to relate to the ambitious and driven nature of her clients.

Specialized Therapy for a Multicultural World

Understanding your cultural background is key to effective therapy. Kim’s commitment to multicultural sensitivity ensures that your unique perspective is not just recognized but is an integral part of your healing journey.

Why Choose Kim?

  • Multicultural Sensitivity: Therapy that respects and understands your background.
  • Expertise in Emotional Regulation: Learn to map your nervous system and gain control over your triggers.
  • DBT and Narrative Approaches: Modern techniques for a comprehensive path to wellness.
  • Business and Corporate Insight: Leverage Kim’s extensive experience for personal growth.
  • Online Convenience: Flexible session times that fit your busy schedule.

Your Path to Emotional Clarity

Kim’s passion lies in assisting clients like you to develop a nuanced understanding of your emotional landscape. If you are a multicultural individual, 17 years or older, and you’re looking for a therapist who combines scientific methods with narrative empathy, then Kim’s practice is where you can find your balance.

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