Welcome to Your New Beginning with Jessica Bagiamis, BA, MACP

Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist

Are you navigating the complexities of trauma, grappling with anxiety, or wading through the waves of grief and loss? Discover a therapeutic path that understands the nuances of your journey and offers a guiding light towards healing and resilience.

Meet Jessica Bagiamis – Your Ally in Healing

With a compassionate heart and specialized expertise, Jessica Bagiamis dedicates her practice to adults facing the challenges of trauma, betrayal, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and grief. Her approach is rooted in her extensive training, including CBT, IFS Immersion, and Clinical Trauma, and is enriched by her own life experiences that foster a deep empathy and understanding. Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO), she’s your ally on this transformative journey.

Your Space, Your Pace, Your Healing

Jessica offers a haven for individuals seeking a therapy that aligns with their unique experiences, particularly within the LGBTQ+ community and those who’ve encountered the profound impact of suicide loss. Embrace the convenience and comfort of online therapy, where your growth and confidentiality are paramount.

Why Choose Jessica?

  • Specialized Care: Deep knowledge in trauma processing, coping with grief, and crisis management.
  • Empathy and Expertise: A unique blend of personal insight and professional training to support your healing.
  • Inclusive Therapy: A dedicated space for LGBTQ+ individuals and suicide loss survivors.
  • Flexible and Accessible: Online sessions tailored to accommodate your lifestyle and needs.

Begin Your Journey to Recovery

Jessica’s current focus is helping you regain control, transform your self-perception, and develop resilience through tailored therapeutic strategies. If you’re 20-50 years old, navigating mental health challenges, and looking for an empathetic therapist who offers more than just professional expertise, Jessica is here to support you.

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Jessica Bagiamis

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