Anger Management

If you find that your anger is causing issues for yourself or those close to you, consider psychotherapy to help develop anger management skills. Improving your ability to manage anger can benefit both yourself and those you care about. If several of the following statements sound like you, it may indicate a need for anger management therapy:

  • My anger can manifest physically, such as slamming doors or making loud noises
  • My anger is reported as a problem by those around me, whether at home or at work
  • When I am angry, I may resort to yelling, screaming, or making sarcastic comments
  • I easily become angry if someone makes me appear bad in front of others
  • My anger lingers and I find it difficult to let go of certain situations that made me angry
  • Though I may not express it outwardly, my anger can simmer within me for an extended period of time
  • I easily become angry when I feel hurt or rejected by others
  • I use my anger as a means of manipulation to get what I want
  • I may resort to physical actions such as pushing or shoving when someone upsets me
  • I feel a sense of anger and bitterness towards life due to perceived unfairness
  • I am frequently triggered by things that make me angry in my daily life

Need Help with Anger Management?

Our therapists are specialized and focused on results. With us, you will work with a therapist that specializes in anger management.

Anger Management Therapy can be Effective

Anger doesn’t have to control your life. You have the power to manage it and assert yourself in a healthy way. With the help of our expert solution-focused therapists, you can learn to understand and manage your triggers, control your emotions and communicate effectively to solve problems instead of worsening them. Our anger management therapy is focused on your specific issues and is tailored to your specific needs and goals. Therapy may include techniques such as cognitive behavior therapy, cognitive restructuring, relaxation training, assertiveness training, and mindfulness training. Don’t let anger rule your life, take control with our personalized therapy program.